DC METERS / DCM230 gelijkspanning kWh meter
DCM230 gelijkspanning kWh meter
DCM230 gelijkspanning kWh meter
DC Gelijkspannings kWh meter met Modbus, resetbaar extra telwerk en multi tarieffunctie
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General Specifications
Voltage AC (Un)                       5~1000V DC
Auxiliary Supply                       85~300V AC (default) or 9-60V DC
Current Range                         0~2000A
DC Shunt Input                       75mV in default, 60mV, 45mV optional
Power consumption                ≤ 2W
AC voltage withstand              4400V/ 1min
Impulse voltage withstand      6.4kV - 1.2/50μS waveform
Pulse output                           Configurable, default at 1000imp/kWh

Pulse duration                        Configurable: 60/100(default)/200ms
Pulse type                              Total kWh/ import kWh/ export kWh
Display                                  LCD with backlit
Max. Reading                        999999.9kWh
Weight                                  220g
Standard                              GB/T 33708-2017


Unit Characteristics
The Unit can measure and display:

  • Voltage
  • Currents
  • Power
  • Active energy imported and exported
Pulse output indicates real-time energy measurement. An RS485 output allows remote monitoring from another display or a computer.


Shunt Primary Current
The unit can be configured to operate with primary current and secondary input.
Primary current range: 0~2000A.
Second input: 75mV in default, 45mV, 60mV optional

RS485 Output for Modbus RTU
For Modbus RTU, the following RS485 communication parameters can be configured from the Set-up menu:
Baud rate 1200,2400, 4800, 9600,19200 bps
Parity none (default)/odd/even
Stop bits 1 or 2
RS485 network address nnn – 3-digit number, 001 to 247
Modbus™ Word order Hi/Lo byte order is set automatically to normal or reverse. It cannot be configured from the set-up menu.
Set-up screens are provided for setting up the RS485 port.

Pulse output
The unit provides a pulse output. The constant can be configured to below:
1000 imp/kwh
100 imp/kWh
10 imp/kWh
1 imp/kWh
Pulse width: 200/100(default)/60 ms.

Note: the relationship between pulse constant and CT1



CT1 setting Default pulse constant Settable pulse constant
1 – 20 1000 imp/kWh 1000,100,10,1 imp/kWh
21 – 200 100 imp/kWh 100,10,1 imp/kWh
201 – 2000 10 imp/kWh 10,1 imp/kWh



*when the CT setting on meter is 2000A, the default pulse constant is 10 imp/kWh and it can be set to 10 imp/kWh or 1 imp/kWh.

*Over-current alarm: Alarm will happened when the current is over the CT1 value set on the meter. The Alarm LED will stay solid and the corresponding register value will be changed. The user can read this register through communication to determine whether an overcurrent alarm has occurred.
The pulse outputs can be set to generate pulses to represent Import kWh/ Export kWh/ total kWh.
The pulse output is passive type, complies with IEC62053-31 Class A.